Plastic Skirtingboards, a Great Option at a Low Price

MDF skirtingboards are frowned upon by interior designers, they consider it to be “tacky” and cheap looking. It may be true to certain extent but it does not mean that it should be completely ignored as an option.

Every space needs the kind of decoration that goes with it, applying expensive skirtingboards to a shed or working space will be a waste of money. When you are renovating rooms where you get any kind of work done, consider functionality over aesthetic.

Low Maintenance

Unlike their wooden counterpart, skirtingboards made of plastic require little maintenance. They are water resistant and do not get stained easily. For a working space these kind are ideal since you will not have to worry about possible damaging the paint, plastic is a resistant material.

Easy to Install

You could buy skirtingboards by the piece, you will have to glue them to your wall and that is the extent of the work necessary. In some stores they offer small pieces for the corners so your will not need to cut the joints.

Plastic skirtingboards are easier to remove if you need to replace them and if you are careful, you will not damage your walls on the process.


Plastic is a great material if you are looking for a versatile option. Nowadays it has become a trend to hide the wiring on the MDF skirtingboards and there are pieces that you could put on walls. Not only they are multifunctional but you can also repaint these skirtingboards as many times as you need and it is possible to relocate them without much trouble.

Next time your start your renovation plans, consider plastic skirtingboards for rooms like your attic or basement. These pieces usually come in different colors or white if you wish to paint them the same color of the room.